A movement of the Asturian Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel) would relaunch the small group, that shortly before had hunted to Voeckler, and Evans, the assumption chuparruedas, would happen to take the responsibility in first person. The passage by the top of the Galibier, in this occasion, and by reason for the centenary of the Alps in the Tour, fixed to the tunnel that avoids a few percentage about 100 meters below the level fetn for the cyclists (2,645 ms), the group of Contador and Andy surpassed Cadel Evans in little more than half minute. For Voeckler, escorted by up to four companions of the Europcar, history finished. As it shows, it is all saying whereupon the equipment would decide that the Rolland Gaul, gregarious of luxury and the new better young person of the Tour (and they allow if it, the new nth Gallic hope next to Arnold Jeannesson, that slight race is doing), it followed with Evans. Group united after the Galibier the long reduction of the Galibier, as interminable as beautiful for the cicloturista, provided that the head of race and the group pursuer were united. Parn. Almost in the beginning of Alpe d’ Huez, the mountain of the Dutch (the inheritance of the xistos of the Kuiper, the Theunisse, the Zoetemelk and the Winnen, although almost have won Italian), I end up arriving the group from the leader, who had rolled with two minutes of delay. And in the first inclines, after a strange tactical movement of the Leopard that cut to its two leaders (the Schleck, clearly) zas! , demarraje of Alberto Accountant, timidly been responsible for Andy Schleck and the Cadel controller Evans.

The one of Pinto did not take much in leading the race, winning progressively time on rest of runners except for Rolland, that had initiated the outstanding ascent after an attack near the port foot and it stayed close (a twenty of seconds) of the triwinner of the Tour. Low the Given rate the marking of Evans to the Schleck, with Andy trying to negotiate and Cadel denying with the head, the group of illustrious registered several movements, signal that the rate lowered. That if Velits, that if Cunego (the return of Damiano). One of Samuel Sanchez him wine of Rep them to Pierre Rolland, because he put himself to wheel of the Asturian one and the runner of the Euskaltel I end up to him making the ascent, reaching to 2.5 km of the end an Accountant whom tute of the day and the excessive heat of the liking noticed. Some, dressed doctor, with more desire to cause than to animate, gained manotazo.

Thus it was that Rolland left alone and became the second French who gains in Alpe (the other, is nothing, Hinault there; in 1986, Samu reacted behind schedule to secondly finish again in Alpe d’ Huez and to leave its friend, to his ally in the reductions, without a triumph of stage that remembers to him in the 2011 file. Because podio is difficult (Accountant is sixth, to 3 minutes 55 seconds of the leader and with almost three on the third drawer of podio). ” He gave equal me all; I thought Thursday to it according to I passed the goal, that gave equal me to be fifth that 24.” , it indicated Accountant in goal. Etapn of all.

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