Here do not consider three important factors. First: Serious athletes are constantly changing their programs. Second: any athlete – is, above all, a man with his type of physique. Man abdominal type (fat guy) Well does not fit program, which was the type of muscle. Third, the most important thing. In professional bodybuilding, the real success stories come from a chemists. And their program was designed to blend with the steroid therapy. Mistake number 2.

The more – the best empirically established that the optimal number of workouts per week – 2-3. Longer be too far. Mistake number 3. After the training is useful to drink beer Beer after a workout – this is the right path hospital. Let's start with the fact that the carbohydrates in the drink really is. But here's the problem – they are complex. And split their body is not easy.

He better send a erundovinu in stock (ie, fat), rather than get out of her energy. You want to become happy owner of a beer belly? Mistake number 4. Importantly – the lessons in the hall in the gym, you get only 30% (!) Of total success in growth. The rest have to sleep and meals. Mistake number 5. Of protein, creatine and anabolic steroids become impotent big challenge novice bodybuilders is the inability to distinguish between steroids on food additives. Any food additive, a part of sports nutrition, whether it's protein, creatine or amino acids acts indirectly, sports nutrition gives the body an additional, easily digestible material for growth, as well as additional sources of energy for workouts in the gym.

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