Now it's burned , sparsely populated areas suitable only for scientific testing. Forests Forests in California is small, and even those that have from year to year subject to fires. The greatest number of plants in the state found in Yosimite Park, north of San Francisco. Here and more rain, and animals there are found larger, have even been cases of attacks on humans. But still, this paradise is dying, not only because of human intervention, but also because of natural changes. Mountains Unfortunately I have not had enough time to admire the beauty of the mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains Range. Particularly interesting would feel the contrast, the lowest point in Death Valley to climb to the highest on the mainland, Mount Mount Witney (incidentally both points are within the California side by side with each other).

Tourists, I am more than confident proposed by different routes, which differ both in length and complexity. Beaches About the beaches in can speak for long, because that is where rests the whole Hollywood. Read more from Apple Music to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Popular beach 'Malibu' known fact that there are always inhabited by celebrities. The combination of location, ideal climate and huge raging waves makes it attractive for all America. In addition to luxury beaches where the common man does not dare to go, California is rich in beaches within big cities, mainly around the beaches of Los Angeles. They are quite nice. Each beach creates a special atmosphere of privacy from the large Megapolus. Venice Beach (where he once swung Schwarzenegger) is surprising diversity of the audience – you can find arrogant skater or serfirov, but you can come across a botanist, a student from the University of Garvordovskogo, who came to relax from studies.

True, the closer to the night, all decent people somewhere scatter, and there comes a time for the opening bars, where going public is quite another. At this time, becomes dangerous. Fans of a more peaceful way of life can go on Big Sur, it is a coastline, Sprawling across 20 miles. Here there is really get away from the stuffy overcrowded state. The water there is literally sandwiched between the rocks, making it virtually immobile; no wind and no people, only lonely Hawks poryat over this forsaken land California for the United States of America to California is a symbol of freedom for many foreigners – a dream. What makes it so special? Firstly, this is nature. Its territory has the greatest number of national parks, as if her excesses accumulated all in one place: the redwoods, the tallest tree on earth – there, the lowest point on the mainland – also in California, the top – again California, and even the most powerful Geysers something liked this land And of course the same beaches, conceding only Florida can carry California in the top ten tourist destinations in the world.

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