The next step is to design and insulation of the roof, flooring boards, interior ceiling paneling, installation of joinery and engineering systems. Despite community, they have significant differences. One is that the construction of round or profiled bar column do not require further finishing of the walls, except konopatki and processing them waterproof compositions. This makes them an excellent blueprint for building a villa, though, it's dignity is a fault if the house is supposed to stay all year round, because the thermal conductivity of these walls is unsatisfactory. It must be stressed that with the expectation of a long stay at least 260 mm, the diameter of the logs should be. Learn more about this with Digital Cameras.

Anyway this is worse than standard building codes, for insulation of the house is not reasonable because of the lost texture of the walls. The most appropriate option for buildings intended for permanent use is timber. With insulation it can simply insulate and finish by giving the appearance of any timber material. Not excluded obkladyvanie house brick, if the foundation for lumber house was designed for it. In the most laid back of the house will be after finishing block House, paneling or imitation logs. If you do not want occasionally touch up the facade of 5-6 years, you will help installation of siding. It is possible to foresee at the time of construction lumber prostrozhku from the middle, and chamfering. Because of this actually reduce the amount of interior trim, limited to working on konopatke and protection of wood. Wooden house for some reason we always seem to be rustic, but despite this they have their secrets. Experienced experts in the field of building houses from timber natural moisture content of logs and work in the company 'Silver Forest'. We will be happy to help you find a cozy, luxurious, and most importantly functional house.

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