2009 Year of Sport and healthy living in the Republic of Tatarstan. This event accelerated the appearance of the first sporting an electronic portal of the Republic of Tatarstan – 'sports environment. " 'Sports environment' – is a site about sports in Tatarstan, to unite in its pages all the information about the mass, children and professional sports of the country. The need for such a site due to the presence of vast amounts of information about Professional sports clubs and the lack of information on starting sports stars. Our task is to draw attention to dozens of other public and individual sports, sports infrastructure, describe the sporting life of the republic in detail, to sports and physical education are an integral part of the lives of young adults and people of Tatarstan on the pages of our portal you can always find: – sports news and sports pages – the coordinates of sports centers and sports complexes – and records the achievements of sportsmen Tatarstan – information about sports schools and sports clubs – sports history and analysis the real situation – recording sporting events – interviews and commentary from coaches and sports personalities, – announcements of sports games.

'Sports Wednesday RT' – it's not a documentary bibliography, is a lively 'breathing' organism that has its finger on the pulse of sports in Tatarstan. We want to make children's sports and mass public to show its results and not afraid to talk about his problems. We strive to ensure that we maintain Sports federations, sports clubs and children's sections, sports organizations and clubs – all those for whom the sport – it is life, and everything happens. We want the sport became part of the inner world of each, and the inhabitants of the republic made its choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle. If you work in sport and Tatarstan would like to see you and your victories, knew the public, call, write – will work.

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