This test will reveal the burner all the shortcomings of your work, and because the building is not finished yet, fix them quickly. Paul. And what should be the same sex in the steam room? The temperature at floor level rarely rises above 30 . Therefore the quality of insulation floor has no significant effect on the performance characteristics of the bath. Floors can be earthen, clay, concrete and covered with tiles.

One of the main requirements – provide a rapid outflow of water from the bath. It must be remembered that if you're after a visit to the steam room, stand on a cold floor will have an unpleasant experience of "thermal shock", whose strength depends not only on the temperature of the floor, but also on the so-called thermal inertia of the material from which he so vypolnen.Imenno floor in the steam room and changing room is covered decking of boards, fibrous mats or cork slabs. The flooring in the dressing room to establish better stands that had always been possible to raise it above the wet floor to dry. If floor space is sufficiently large, wooden flooring, formed of several sections. In pair or wooden floors make tiled. They do not require insulation. It is best to lay the floor tile or a tile similar to it (the floor should have a slope of 1:100 and discharge to sewer). Tiled floor is easy to care is good.

The wooden floor rather quickly, "trampled" and bring it into "decent" state within a year or two will be a difficult. And all this tile is not threatened – it is easy to wash. Well, in order to avoid scalds on the tile floor when parishsya on his wooden stele "trapiki" or grating. Tiled floor with additional wooden "trapikami" will cost, of course, somewhat more expensive than a wood floor, but the replacement of decaying floor every 3-4 years will require even greater zatrat.Absolyutno unacceptable in the bath used as a floor covering of any synthetic materials such as linoleum, as in a hot atmosphere, they will emit harmful gases. As arranged wooden floor in the bath? For drainage plank floor with a slant toward the drain, which is bound to supply the trap to the hole through the barrel is not and has not been unpleasant smells from sewage trub.Poly plank of rebated or square edged planks on the wooden joists. Logs are placed on the brick columns section 25×25 cm, set on sand or concrete subsurface layer. When the thickness of floor boards 19, 22 and 29 mm maximum distance between supports should be respectively 60, 70 and 90 cm distance is somewhat longer than usual in the building, but for the bath, where the floor load is small, is well suited. Laghi necessarily impregnated with antiseptics. At what level should be at floor bath? For a small bath of about 2×2 m floor advisable to lay on the joists, resting directly on the wall, that is, to the waist. It should be noted that the floor in the steam room to keep warm should be above the floor washing at 15 cm, and washing the floor level – to 3 cm below the floor level of the dressing room. Why a bath flooring is recommended to use perlite? Expanded perlite sand has an extremely high heat properties. Perlite is a very easy material to work with him can only be indoors, where there is no wind and drafts. Floor insulation perform as screed, which is necessary to prepare a mixture of perlite and cement, mixing with water.

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