And only when the exclusive contract company broker provide you with the most lucrative plan to promote your facility and the best conditions of transaction support. Myth number 5: A look at the base objects – and the deal is ready to "have a huge database of agencies, so the broker is not difficult to set criteria to quickly find a suitable property …" Unfortunately, such statements we hear quite often. However, if only it were that easy, would be to deal for one day, but the brokers did not have to go out of office. The question arises: why is this not happening? No matter how trite it sounds, but each case individual, and in addition to the basic requirements for placement, there are so many wishes, "pop" is in the process. Someone, it turns out, requires a certain thickness of the walls and ceiling height, someone – large windows without closing their trees, someone – the possibility of redevelopment … Yes, and the owner often has its own vision of the potential tenants: some do not want to "plant" government, while others do not want to be in the office was a large stream of visitors, others are categorically against accounting firms … a broker requires a maximum of patience and perseverance to find a solution that satisfies both parties. It is not enough to work with the database: you need to go on views, to personally meet with the owners, always check the relevance of information, etc.

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