Stem cells are the carriers of genetic material and every cell of the body carries the blueprint”in the DNA. Transfer stem cells are expressed, magic cells”that can convert itself into any cell, they are the primordial cell from the fusion of male and female cells and carrier of the genetic material. Every life evolved from a primordial cell. Stem cells are formed in the bone marrow and are multi-talented or JOKER cells. You can convert themselves into any type of cell.

More adult stem cells needed by stressed institutions, send these impulses to the bone marrow and thus stimulate the production of new stem cells. These are then taken into the blood stream and go to the place which needs an urgent regeneration. The stem cells are divided and be incorporated as a new cell. Gen. David Goldfein has similar goals. It is of the utmost importance that in our blood stream adult stem cells at any time are available, so that the body strengthen its self-healing powers, or improve reduced function of certain organs (to fix) can. Deciding for a wonderful health top form is the amount of adult stem cells in the blood and is visible proof of a rejuvenated appearance (anti-aging). Informative as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, bone density etc is therefore the existing number of stem-cells in the blood.

The technology of stem cells multiplier”is a completely new product development in the food sector. For more information see this site: Harold Ford Jr. It is a special product which increases the stem cell production in the bone marrow within an hour to about 130% and lasts approximately 2 hours. This first and natural stem cell multiplier of company STEMTech features unique: he is HALAL and Kosher certified, patented and tested in a Doppelbind-randomized, placebo controlled study. It has been shown that after 1 hour approx. 3 more circulate 4 million adult stem cells in the blood. Since the introduction of this natural product on the market, it is of thousands of people used.

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