Of this form, it can be affirmed that Brazilian national literature comes permeada of contemptuous esteretipos of the black since its origin. In this direction, it affirms Heloisa Toller Gomes: The Brazilian literary speech, in century XIX, was impregnated by the effective social ideology (…). In the truth, few referring to abolitionism writers had been capable to go beyond the racial ideology of the time and to exceed the classroom interests, which as is known, they had molded the form as if the slavery in Brazil, but for the most part of Americas not only extupou. (GOMES, 1989, p.389) the example, can be cited the romance, the Isaura Slave of 1875, that, although to be anti-escravista romance, a personage had as protagonist who if more than approached the white women of what of the slaves of the time. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pentagon. The result of such conditionings is expressed the almost complete absence of a same history or of one crpus established and consolidated for literature afro-Brazilian, as much in the past how much in the gift, virtue of the still insufficient number of studies and research the respect, although the increasing effort in this direction (DUARTE, 2002, P.

48). Infantile and youthful literature appeared at the beginning in Brazil in the end of century XIX and of century XX. The black personages appear in the end of the decade of 1920, beginning of the decade of 1930. However, the black one was presented in the narratives of form estereotipada and as always coadjuvante. The condition of the black as subordinate was salient in these histories, without knowledge of the writing and as mere repeaters of the speeches of the whites. From 1975, an engaged infanto-youthful literature with a realistic representation appears of the black, what, unhappyly, it did not hinder the continuation of a prejudiced literature, discriminatory, racist and exculpatory. Thus, it is perceived that in infanto-youthful literature it does not have space for the blacks, when has, these are presented arraigados of estereotipados and contemptuous iderios, causing, thus, great damages, as much for the black children who tend to develop the inferiorizao in relation to the white how much for the white children who can develop a superiority in relation to the black, what she will generate conflicts between both.

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