At the beginning, the frequency of the suck ones is sufficiently irregular (8 – 10 times to the day), to put in the second week of life the intervals if they become more regular. The abrupt descending of the milk that occurs in the third or room day after-childbirth, also called apojadura, is a period of discomfort characterized for vascular ingurgitamento and edema of the breasts. In the case where edema extreme hinders the baby to abocanhar mamilo adequately, it must be proceeded to a previous esvaziamento in the direction to facilitate the suction. Whenever possible the baby must suck in both the breasts, in the direction to increase the consequence and to determine the maintenance of the lctea secretion. Colostro (I eliminate I finish and yellow that after leaves in the first hours the birth) is richer in proteins and poor person in fat and carboidrato of what mature milk, colostro supplies 15Kcal/28mL approximately and is a rich source in antibodies. As it is restituted by transitory and mature milk, the breasts is swelled and firm, as they full of milk (KRAUSE, 2002) When the child obtains to all take off the milk that it wants, it stops to suck and untied mamilo spontaneously. He can be satisfied or ready to suck to another hand. Some times it adormece as soon as it stops suck. Continue to learn more with: Aldi.

And necessary not to take off the child of the breast nor to interrupt the suck one after a certain time. Some children suck more quickly and other little. The child leaves to decide when she wants to stop suck (KING, 1996). Before the act suckling one becomes for necessary that the mother washes the hands with water and soap. The breasts are always clean thanks to the place where they are situated and have protection of suti. The cleanness of the mamilos is not necessary being able to destroy the layer sebcea protects that them of irritations, fictions and infections.

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