The culture influences each individual suffers influences of the way where the citizen this inserted one, its lives deeply differentiates of what this filed in its imaginary one. Media Solutions may also support this cause. To answer culturally to stimulaton in accordance with the reality of each citizen, this is the agreement of culture of the citizens of this research. All form of register this on one to the culture process, therefore we cannot speak of cultural process in advance or not. The expression of the culture if of the one by means of perception, for example the five felt. In such a way, we evidence that the school in firm and conscientious way, must approach the existing ambient problems, so that they can be argued, be evaluated and be criticized inside of the school, counting on the participation of all (professors, pupils, community, employees, direction) and that this quarrel goes to the meeting of the claims of the street, the quarter, the city and too much representations. Thus, it will be working the reality and inserting the pupil in the social context where she lives, allowing the construction of history in its time. In a vision to interdisciplinar these questions they must boarded and be argued in work groups interdisciplinares, allowing a critical vision, theoretical practical (professor? pupil? community). The participation of the pupil must be integral e, the necessary professor to assume the person who orientates position, mediator of the chances and decisions that had appeared, attitudes of defense, preservation and a possible sustainable development to the way. For in such a way, the educator/professor must: to like the profession, to believe what he makes, to be open for the exchange of knowledge, learning and continuous perfectioning, to work of form to interdisciplinar, to be innovative, optimistical and objective. An easy action is not this, in contrast an arduous task, a time that the same still must be always in search of professional valuation and demonstrate to be made entire on the advances or not of this conquest.

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