Also the statement related to the auffangbaren costs”is any actuary or student of mathematics to explain and refute. An argument to foment insecurity and a system against the other to play out again. Misconception 3: Changes in the age. Then rise the PKV contributions to, because he is usually more services insured.” This is not a mistake already, but nonsense. No collective bargaining in the private health insurance (PKV) rises, because people get older or because they use more services.

Rates rise due to higher costs in the medical or life span, so more time at the end of”in the the car companies also must pay. This is however not included in the statutory health insurance, because here the contribution rates be increased when necessary and there is no money in the system just. Misconception 4: (…) of up to 50% risk premiums are not uncommon. In addition you must count on exclusions of pre-existing conditions benefits.” Higher premiums are possible, no question. Held in the car an individual risk assessment and risk surcharges will be charged after this assessment and the expected costs.

However, no exclusions of services see derPrivaten health insurance (PKV) Instead of. This reluctant not only the idea of insurance, but would oppose compulsory insurance that the legislature has prescribed it. “Misconception 5: incorrect information about insurance can also completely dropped: and per retroactive tariff up to ten years!” This statement is at least got the falsehood, it tries to spread apparently this correctly and therefore only half. False information and thus a wrong assessment, can and must correct the insurer. Completely lose, you never can the protection but. With the introduction of the base tariff and legal insurance ( 193 VVG) no car of insured in the event of non-payment or termination without protection is dar. So, this myth is not true. Privately insured persons bind error 6: usually 36 months at their insurance.” Where this statement is not clear to me.

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