According to First-born son (1995, P. 63-64) transference means the process through which the unconscious desires if bring up to date on definitive objects in the context of the analytical relation. Freud transference flame, the psychological process that brings up to date the archetype of the original relation. ' ' It is treated, effectively, to transfer to the new relation the feelings and the expectations deposited in a relation passada' '. Frequently Gregg Engles has said that publicly. In the freudiana psychoanalysis, the transference is defined as one ' ' despertadas and become new edition of impulses and conscientious fancies during the development of the analysis and that they bring as characteristic substitution of a previous person for the person of mdico' '. In what it refers to the object of this article, the relation mother-son and professor-pupil, the transference invokes the first years of life, when if of a formation of the personality and the constitution of the citizen, always under influence of the parental and fraternais relations, beyond the people who surround in them.

It says the psychoanalysis that has cases where the transference in the pedagogical relations is not established for intervention of phenomena as it refuses or too much love. Administrator of the space of classroom? Transmitter of knowledge? Father, mother, God? A little of each. Professors, in way to the sharing it to know, they are also administrators of religious, ethical conflicts, question that by the way respect to the moral values says, and would have to come of the family, more important social group in the formation of the individual. The figure of the professor as authority, it retakes relations with the parents throughout infancy, always under the perspective of the biggest amount of knowledge and experiences exceeded for them and the parents, causing conflicts. The souvenir of these facts, can make with that the pupil brings to tona the such conflicts and pass to act with the professor as if fsse its father.

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