Arriving at the final phase of ' ' line of tempo' ' that I considered in this study, I used myself the description of the State Clear Mount University, in order to exemplificar the feminine participation in Superior Ensino. THE WOMAN AND THE UNIMONTES The State Clear Mount University today reaches students of more than 336 cities of the North of Mines and the Valleys of the Jequitinhonha and the Mucuri, enclosing a clientele who, in potential, exceeds the two million inhabitants. During its 48 years of history, the UNIMONTES always counted on the essential feminine participation contributing for the advances of this institution. By no means I intend to undeserve the masculine participation in construction of the history of the UIMONTES, neither to promote some personage, what I want here is to pontuar the feminine participation in the history of this university, therefore of intentional form I made clippings of important facts where if it evidences this participation. On the basis of the studies of Caleiros (2002, p.18-47), the University appeared of the will and efforts of educators and idealistic professionals who fed the desire to see materialize the dreams of progress of the region, over all in the area of Superior Ensino, enter these idealists not if she can leave to notice the numerous feminine presence as if she can see in the story to follow extracted of the study of Caleiros: (…) In 25 of July of 1962 people pledged in the concretion of the project to create a university in Clear Mounts had congregated themselves (…) and to delineate the profile of the new school. They were present in the meeting, as act of the FUNN: druggist Mrio Versiani Velloso, the doctors: August Antonio Veloso, Hermes of Paula, Raymond Deusdar, the professors Arthur Versiani of the Angels, Ivana Versiani Galery, Mr., Benjamim Versiani of the Angels and the senhoritas: Lopes installation, Maria Isabel de Magalhes Figueiredo, Isabel Rabelo, Mayave Ribeiro, Maria of the Consolao de Magalhes Figueiredo, Maria Luiza Coast.

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