Also the interval temperature inside which requires this value shall be recorded.Processor will show the average specific heat (cpm) of the gas inside the recorded temperature interval. If what it takes is to determine the medium of a gas mixture specific heat, fractions or concentrations displacement of each of the components present and the temperature range which requires processor to display the average heat capacity of the mixture will be introduced. The sum of volumetric fractions must fulfil the condition of being equal to 100%, that is the total of the gas mixture. Not met this absolute condition, the processor does not support performing the calculation. Orsat analysis.

Notes. To proceed to establish the quality of combustion, it is essential to measure four characteristics of the resulting gases: a) measure of CO2 b) measurement c) measurement of unburned solids d) measure H2 CO the Orsat apparatus is a portable set consisting of a cylinder of metering and different bottles that contain chemical solutions, solid components and a small furnace for burning of gases that do not have combustionado. By passing flue sample different bottles and equipment sections, they absorb and the different gaseous components that are part of the mix of fumes are separating. So will trap the CO2, CO, SO2, or. The N2 is calculated by difference. The result is expressed in percentage by volume. How can a sample of smoke I take? To make its volumetric analysis of fumes should know to take a representative sample. A few bulbs of glass or bottles are used for that (borboteadores samples), which are filled with water, avoiding that air or other undesirable gas within them is.To be more secure they can be submerged in a container with water, avoiding contact with atmospheric air. These bottles have an entrance and an exit at the other end, both with their respective shutoff valves.

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