Very high chance that the system and will not be started in a real job or will not work more than 50% of its features. 2. Confidence in the choice of outside experts. The argument however is simple: They are professionals, there is a contractual obligation to choose a system that can not be fulfilled. Option, in principle, not bad, because I really have a choice to be professional under the guidance of the problem with all the standards and the latest trends. But why, we have put him second? Because in most cases, third-party specialists are partners and vendors, even if the selected system is fully suited to the tasks of management and user experience, this does not mean that there is no analogue for less money, or analog, but with more features.

The choice can not be considered objective, since its compensation from a supplier such specialists will get, and it is their concern is not less than the contractual obligations to you. As a result, even when the needs of the customer's system may not be the best option. So, if you refer to outside specialists, check out – if they have arrangements with vendors and developers of management systems, run parallel search systems on their own and do not afraid to criticize the proposed system of external specialists. 3. Form a working group of employees at various levels. In our opinion a good option – to form a team of specialists, which would enabled by a specialist for every task that must be leadership. Details can be found by clicking Michelin Star Restaurant or emailing the administrator. Thus you can get a system that implements not only your needs, but also easy to operate direct executors.

Part employees when selecting a system increases the chance that the system is to be used, rather than standing on the server by the administrator. Of course, in this case, you can find the minuses. For example, the choice of the system will be taken into account only the current problems, not looking ahead. Ideally, therefore, to choose a system of mixed type, that in selecting the system involved and its own experts and stakeholders. Then the choice be as objective as possible, and the selected system will work for many years, opening up new possibilities for the development of the company. In conclusion I would like to share one more advice from our practice. When choosing a system and the final decision may help lease the same system. When renting a system, you can try the system in real work, not in test mode, setting the stage for the real information by real people. Rent will also help determine the need for adaptation or refinement of the system. Basically this service provides web developers and suppliers of systems, that is progressive and market-leading information systems company. Among the suppliers of web-based systems company was listed ASoft, CRM system which is offered for rent. We wish you the best selection of management information system, and we hope that our advice will be useful.

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