Generally, the tortilla is preferred in thousands of homes instead of the bread. The tortilla, a done round lamina with maize, comprises fundamental of the Mexican kitchen and it would be possible to be said that it is the base of the feeding Mexican. With the maize tortilla, highly recommended by the specialists in nutrition because it contributes to maintain bacterial the balance intestinal, hundreds of subjects of gossip due to their flexibility can be elaborated, flexibility which lacks the bread. To mention a few examples, it is possible to mention the cut tortilla (special to prepare chilaquiles), of the coiled tortilla (to prepare flutes), of the doubled tortilla (to prepare the tacos, that fills up of an immense variety of ingredients and taquitos are denominated if they take control of tortilla small median or), the tortilla fried and hardened (to prepare the toasts) and many other variations that a tortilla, by its structure, can tolerate without getting to break itself. Faithful to the vegetarian tradition, the tortilla prepares itself with a maize treated about a special form like is not needed to add egg absolutely to obtain a mass that at the same time is very soft but consistent and that does not become broken at the time of cooking. In many towns the bread is considered " article of lujo" , but the tortilla does not lack in each food and by dozens; they even emphasize in the festivals tortillas of colors, green and red target, that thus give enhancement to the native reasons. Typical foods of Mexico Mexican food

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