Often the choice of house design people come from the external dimensions or the total area. In fact, life is not such a big deal. Much more important, in my opinion, whether in your home place near the front door to hang coats and take off our shoes, sitting on a chair. Yet I see prevalence of the human mind an image of the external over internal House. For example, many say they want a round house. You ask, you want a big house? No, I do not pull.

You adherent of the ancient way of life when the whole family slept and ate in one room? No. Then how will you divide the room in your house? Round house is beautiful outside, they will all enjoy, admire, to tell you nice things, but most of my life you will still be carried out inside. If a house divided into several rooms, a large part of its roundness lost. Design a good round house – great art. Dare, who really wants to. The more settlements will be beautiful, original and smart homes, the more positive interest in and respect will get us moving. I saw two smart home alone live round, the second in the draft.

Both were fairly large diameter. First – hotel, which was really nice to be the second – the flight is too expensive design idea, practically unrealizable in the estate. In fact, I really like the round room in which there are unusual feelings. But I would just round the living room. It appears that there will be evenings to gather the whole family, will be to light the fireplace if desired. Everyone can do their favorite thing, to communicate, lasting impressions day or future plans. I think that this room will only bring together a family. In our house, this room is. I would also like a small kitchen so I could cook and to all that need to reach out his hand, making no more one step to the side.

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