The University of Hong Kong has managed to use the DNA of famous e. coli (which both panic caused some time) to store information. One gram of bacteria would be tantamount to 450 2 terabyte hard drives. the Elves exist and measured 70 kilometers? In the high layers of the atmosphere gigantic fleeting, only visible flashes occur with cameras from space. They are called ghosts, elves (Elves) or sprites (goblins) and they can reach up to 70 kilometers in height. is it possible to travel in time? Astronauts make it every time they return to Earth. In the Earth’s orbit time elapses more slowly than on the surface of the Earth: aboard the ISS (international space station) time passes 0.007 seconds slower (every 6 months) than on Earth. So astronauts returning back to stepping on the Earth, but it is a matter of microseconds.

a helium balloon would fall to lead on the Moon? For a balloon to float, its interior gas must be lighter that surrounds it, which is what happens with helium in the Earth’s atmosphere. But the moon has no atmosphere, so there is not any more dense or less dense than helium gas. So the balloon would fall to the lunar soil. rays attack more to men than to women? To be exact, 82% of the people who were killed by lightning in EE UU between 1995 and 2008 were male. Experts believe that it is because they are less prudent than women. is teleportation possible? Although only at level particles, thanks to a bewildering and even not explained by science phenomenon called quantum entanglement. Two entangled particles undergo the same reactions regardless of the distance that separates them and without anything to connect them. It is as if two twins, one in Madrid and another in Tokyo, undergo the same changes at the same time: If one blew, the other also sangraria; If one tinted blond, the other, would instantly, have blond hair.

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