The recruitment Baker & Pommeroy offers only highly qualified personnel for the gastronomy with the brand ‘Sommelier & Cuisinier’. Nationwide the Baker & Pommeroy GmbH has itself already made a name as a renowned recruiter for the entertainment industry. Now provides the company with the newly formed brand sommelier & Cuisinier”a very special service: a team of highly trained professionals was recruited specifically for the claims in the upscale gastronomy, that the highest requirements in the Haute cuisine has grown. In the selection of employees we have taken experience in the upscale gastronomy set, but at the same time also on not only on excellent training with top grade and for many years, that all candidates bring a high degree of service thoughts, excellent manners, as well as a consistent and well maintained exterior”, so Managing Director Nina Palm trees. With its range of excellent service forces and Cooks sommelier & Cuisinier is aimed exclusively at the top restaurateurs. Especially here a great demand was Palm trees according to Managing Director Nina after suitable personnel recorded.

The claims of the employees in this sector are extremely high. An above-average completed professional training as well as many years of experience and numerous additional qualifications form only the basis. Only a few meet these high demands, therefore many top restaurateurs before hiring staff cringe. Amazon gathered all the information. With sommelier & Cuisinier is there finally an offer that covers exactly this need and without compromise”, so Nina Palm trees. Offering sommelier & Cuisinier include service staff and chefs who each are among the best in their profession. They differ significantly from other employees through their expertise, experience, a large expertise, as well as many additional qualifications, such as filleting or a Somelier training. Even unusual requirements, such as the control of the Molecular gastronomy, are met. The feedback from the customers was positive after the first application.

Offering sommelier & Cuisinier, top restaurateurs can now much more flexible react on personnel shortages and economically to calculate implement even larger events, which were previously not feasible due to the personnel problem. In addition to the staff rental sommelier & Cuisinier offers also the mediation of Professional catering specialists. Here, customers will benefit in particular from the anonymity and the fact that they can initially test potential candidates about a lease before applying them in a permanent position. A shortlist of potential candidates with the help of an assessment centre held very individual requirements tailored to the needs of upscale gastronomy and the customer has developed the service provider. The customer saves valuable time and hence money. About sommelier & Cuisinier sommelier & Cuisinier st is a brand of Baker & Pommeroy GmbH, which since 2005 focusing on service and event staff will provide for events, as well as for the hospitality industry. Sommelier & Cuisinier has focused entirely on the needs of gastronomy and offers only the best and most experienced professionals in the industry. The offer is unique in the German market. Both service personnel and cooks can be booked, the duration of use is flexibly selectable from one night to several weeks. A sommelier & Cuisinier staff has received excellent training in the upscale gastronomy and has special qualifications, as well as excellent manners in addition to many years of experience. The high quality ensures among others feedback sheets, which fills the customer after each use. Sommelier & Cuisinier has set the target to accept only above-average reviews.

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