recently is this playing a game at the regional level that consists of a sovereign independence. In this game you can, is allowed and is encouraged to change history, argue with the violence of the cuffs, the insult and threaten the opponent, proclaiming himself sovereign and independent, creating minions, the navel-gazing, handling and banning certain traditions, cause on the street, at the University, at the conferences to the Democrat who does not want to playmaintain certain privileges, transform the citizen in client or server, the dismantle and discredit the associative movements that are not by and for the game, re-educate future colleagues, and even clothing to the mona with a dress of silk is say, can do many things, so many things! that there is little time to make one aware that something is wrong. Yes!, it seems that there is something in this game that can not be I admit, that is considered a scourge and that should be omitted. Global Machine Translation Software Market pursues this goal as well. This view of the playing field has been reduced. This vision, acts of the same way that computer games where the fog or vision of the battlefield just let see beyond stone’s throw where their heroes are moved. Perhaps for this reason, in the educational system the reflection and the search for truth have no input. Likewise, one can contemplate the participation of the media who live off this game, they can be seen as avoided as much as possible (not just publishing), any speech that could distort the game of independence sovereign, because those who are in the top positions as candidates generally win finance, control and give coverage using appropriate licenses to these informants and all the difficulties to those who are not for the work of practice this game the practices of marketing work with small repetitive slogans nauseam ranging clearing the way and reforming the players.

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