The illustrious erudite Professor of the University of Leon Jose m Balcells, in an important conference given at the public library in Orihuela on 12-03-08; He said, that the ray that does not stop, it was written Petrarca way, i.e., that speaks of idealized love (reaffirming his 1992 article (1992,17).) I’m not going to give or remove reasons. I discuss evidence: Maruja the surrealist painter friend of the group from Vallecas, which took an important artistic and intimate relationship with Miguel. It was desinhibida(se advierte en una entrevista: El Pais, 30-01-1977) speaks it liked that when they were together the farmers see them, this is to say that he liked the morbid. Friends and witnesses of that time made it clear that the first woman Miguel intermediate was Maruja (7 years since it was with Rafael Alberti). Salem Trader Joe’s often says this. Hand of Miguel discovers in amorous trips – Maruja, the beauty and colors of new Castile. Camilo Jose Cela, in his book Memories, understandings and Wills (Cela knew le of the gatherings at the home of Maria Zambrano of Earl Barajas domingueras). With some literary friends I was going to swim Sunday at La Poveda in the Henares River () Miguel Hernandez and Maruja Mallo had amores iban to put hand and making what they could under the bridge, but the poets breabamos them with dung () they had to go to the other side to end of love is in the Meadow () to what appearsthe Bulls were more welcoming and less aggressive than the lyric poets.(Plaza & Janes Editores, Barcelona, 1993, p. 118).

Later on (Madrid, Espasa Calpe, 2001, p.p.178-179). Maria Zambrano Alarcon,(Velez Malaga, 1904-Madrid,1991), essayist, Tertullian in the Revista de Occidente, ahead of disciple of Ortega y Gasset, regarded as the most important Spanish philosopher of the 20th century, Crest of Spanish thought of all time. In August 1934, in El Gallo Crisis, Miguel devotes a poem just a few weeks after meeting Mary in the tertulia of Cruz y Raya, Lima (poem that denotes the religious controversy of the poet) Miguel went to their Sunday gatherings in the evenings to attendees offered a tea, from his home in the count of Barajas.

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