The couple and children’s bedrooms comprise, perhaps, the most important environments in a House. It is essential to have a place that is not only functional, but also comfortable and spacious to relax in the best possible way. It will have a bedroom that will allow us to relax during the hours of sleep, and that is pleasing to view result in better performance daily in our jobs, it is necessary to have a place where to renew energy sources on a daily basis, disconnect us from the outside world and reach a State of maximum relaxation. Consequently, remodel the bedroom is a decision that will make us gain in quality of life. And in the ideal bedroom, beds and accessories selected are of vital importance. The style that is imposed at present is the minimalist.

The reality is that much less visual pollution there is, the more spacious bedroom will seem. The choice of furniture is a theme crucial, not only because it is a more or less important investment, whose objective is to last for a long time but because it will determine to a large extent the final lay-out of the room. By selecting the appropriate furniture, we can save space and favour natural lighting, an essential element in the bedroom, since clarity and colors will affect our State of mind. Key points to be taken into account when planning the bedroom in are: brightness, movement and end use of the bedroom. In terms of brightness, it is important not to block the incoming light by the Windows with furniture or other objects like racks or televisions. Furthermore, the curtain not only must be engamado with the dominant color palette but rather should allow a total black-out effect, because it is not nice that sunlight filter when you want to fall asleep. There are many alternatives for curtains and drapes for bedrooms, from a Japanese panel, with its beautiful simplicity, even draperies more elaborate, such as curtains with attached, of materials and different colors.

The bed is another crucial factor. It should not only be comfortable and functional, but that it must allow a fluid circulation in around me, because that is common move in shadows across the room, and would be very upset that there were obstacles in the displacement. There is a huge variety of beds and bedrooms for children, some markedly minimalist style, to East, and others more voluminous, with structure and including canopy, for those girls who want to feel princesses.

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