New portal and Forum on the subject of weight training for a few days is accessible under a new portal with Forum around the topic of weight training and nutrition. The operator Florian R. Medical billing has many thoughts on the issue. commented: “In contrast to mayflies at BB forums a solid community was with us in advance with competent people. The problems were technical in nature and after a nail-biting back and forth, I decided to take matters into their own hands not by capricious Admins to be dependent. From the outset, I had the support of the user, why is already a team of capable presenters. If you have read about medical billing already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The Forum is a community, with some experienced athletes, with whom you can discuss in looser, but science-based atmosphere. Within a few days, the Forum had over 2000 contributions to a variety of topics.

Here, every user has the possibility to be active and even to make the portal, in which he writes as its own article. In the portal there are already articles on the topics: Basics: valuable information for the beginner Nutrition: Basics, mass phase, water, lactose intolerance, guide to a diet, vitamins training: conjugate method, 8 x 8 system, GVT, 3 split, 4 split, volume training exercise teaching: bench press, squats supplements: Overview supplement market, protein, creatine, BCAAs and glutamine other: genetic manipulation, steroids experience reports: one way ticket to light… Here an excerpt of an article: what is protein? Protein is also called protein. “The word protein is from the Greek word proteuo” derived and is taking the first place “. Proteins are macro-molecules built up of amino acids. Proteins are the basic building blocks of all cells. They give the cell its structure and serve as molecular machines”, transporting the materials. What types of protein there is protein in its natural form? Lactalbumin (whey protein / whey protein) (best after getting up and after training) benefits: high biological value (theoretically to the 104); micro-filtrated, ion as whey protein denatured whey protein has a higher biological value approx.

23-25% immunoglobulins that whey protein may contribute to the strengthening of the immune system contains approximately 10% contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s), thus disadvantage quickly digestible, a higher content than other sources of protein whey protein so that BCAAs are approx. 90 min after taking in the blood: lower levels of glutamine casein (optimally before bedtime and before training) benefits: Casein is transformed in the stomach in a kind of gel, thus the Magenentlerrung is delayed will increase contact time in the intestine, what amino acid absorption improves rises more evenly and lower blood sugar, if also carbohydrates are fed to the casein casein lends itself well to a diet, because the blood sugar rises less and thus avoid cravings inlet which is amino acids is but delayed, but it can be detected in the blood for up to 8 hours high glutamine content (approx. 20%) Cons: average biological value (theoretical value between 71-74) relatively high content of milk sugar and sodium low proportion of BCAAs… More interesting articles can be found at the above link.

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