One time a friend, almost brother, I asked the following question: What do you value in your marriage? While it is true that the question is quite complicated to answer, and is complicated because each marriage is different from one another, there is no mold, a model, but from personal experience a couple, I can answer this question. First I could not choose, or decide for any particular aspect to validate it in my marriage, I think all aspects “in my marriage” are worthy of assessment. Positive situations and situations “negative.” I could list everything that I value my marriage: Being together so far (27 years), is a matter to assess, since it means that something is still together, and that something must be important . Given that our marriage is childless, empathy is stronger than normal. Perhaps it may be because when I was going to marry, to me it meant something important to bear children for me was important to know that share the rest of my life with my wife, the children would come if God wanted wills it. Rate and thank God for making me as I am: (modesty aside) not very attractive “physically speaking” without a spirit of Don Juan. Because seeing well the matter, which would have been my “musician, singer, handsome physically, and a spirit Don Juan” was put in a thousand and one problems.

But beyond that assessment banal, is intended to ensure no suffering to the person who gives me his life with love. This same condition of parents without children, gives us the particularity of being able to do all things together, and that is also worthy of assessment because more time together, but everyday things to share. It makes sense that all is not rosy, nor so easy as it sounds, Case is also a bit difficult at times. Discrepancies are always presented in the course of married life, there are always details and circumstances in which the Suddenly no, we will agree. I think the important thing is knowing how to measure the degree of importance of the discrepancy.

What is more important? “In the soap should not be water? Or do I want to have an adventure from time to time on the street? But the rating of the valuations, it is certainly love. That love that goes beyond infatuation and physical attraction. That love that makes us want the best for our spouse. Maybe I most circumstances beyond our married life, but I’m sure that they all have their positive assessment.

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