Avoid the risks of mowing tractors and electric lawn mowers. Robomow’s mowing robots cut the lawn for you, save time, and protect your health. Mowing the lawn is just an everyday task that is often deferred until turned the garden into a veritable wilderness for many people. But not enough so that new research has shown that the lawn mower can cause actual damage to your health. Every year especially in the summer season of mowing thousands of people through garden lawn mower to get hurt. These include electric lawn mower, mowing tractors and hand mowers. You should is not in this list ranks follow our advice and learn how to get a beautiful lawn without it putting out health risks. The perils of mowing the lawn when mowing your lawn with a gasoline-powered lawn mower, sit large quantities under circumstances of Chemicals, which can cause cancer in the worst case.

In just one hour, these mowers produce the same amount of carcinogens, such as a vehicle for a distance of 160 km. Also you emit carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and methane gas and smoke particles in the air. While you mow the lawn, you are always in the immediate vicinity of the exhaust gases which are expelled from the garden lawn mower. At the same time breathe continuously hazardous gases, which are proven carcinogens. Also mobile mower can pose a real danger because while sitting hands and feet could get caught in the blades, which often leads to serious injury.

Even cases occurred, whereby people of the mowing tractors have fallen and that have incurred serious bruises and sprains. The use of hand lawn mower minimizes the risk of toxic chemicals and crashes. You encounter different problems. Pushing a mower can strain your back, because Lean may be too far forward and up to five extra pounds affect your lower back. Even electric lawn mowers are not completely safe. Common injuries include electric shock and tripping accidents with the drawn wire of the electric garden lawn mower or the extension cable. How can we counteract the dangers associated with mowing the lawn? There are numerous ways to garden care without expose oneself to the risk of injury: stretch before mowing the lawn, and try to keep a good attitude. You do not pull the mower push. Check your mower on a regular basis and keep in mind to let him wait in the spring. Should turn off the motor, if you move the mower to a different location, or if you leave him unattended. Mow the grass regularly so that it does not accumulate under the mower. Also avoid it, on hidden rocks or branches to come. Think about to create a robot mower. Robot mower mowing the grass for you and eliminate the risk of injury, because you are staying at his work not in the vicinity. Using a mowing robot gives more time for your favorite things, because you must not mow the lawn.

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