‘ we live House ‘ built to be able to distinguish living healthy and environmentally sustainable residential buildings under close cooperation with institutes and environmental health professionals with regard to the compatibility to themselves in a highly competitive industry like the building trades as a relatively young company from the competition, you must either bring an innovation on the market or but do something that others have done so has not previously for MCS patient. We live on the company home both are true in principle. Zoom Digital Cameras has many thoughts on the issue. The House-building company from Bad Kissingen sells not only an innovative product that is in its entirety like no other on the topic of living health in connection with solid wood, but embodies the philosophy of a personal and health-conscious construction at the same time, as she may be yet unique in the Federal Republic of Germany. Specifically set make this philosophy on the example of the native Wurzburgerin is narrow WDE. About ten years ago the now 43 fell ill, which up to this point as a saleswoman in a Perfumery worked at a chemical intolerance, which is known in medicine as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). By one the other day wife narrow wooden head and body aches, nausea and dizziness complained. Complaints, are not, as most usual, after a short time back by disappeared alone, but had chronic fatigue and weight loss.

After numerous doctor visits the MCS was diagnosed and after limited entered improvement despite various medical measures, the family began to question the construction products used in their house systematically. We brought us specialists in the House, have noted loads according to numerous analyses in the building, which were far below the legal values. At this time we have decided to build a new House. A house in which no substances and materials are used, which would contribute in any way to the deterioration of the health of my wife can.

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