This is a journey through languages along the bumpy road of language and spelling languages along the bumpy road of language and spelling with discoveries in English from babbles of Babel to save a trip. Discordance of spelling and pronunciation caused much irritation among the great authors. Spelling reforms of the American English upset Mark Twain. He said it is the substitution of a shortcoming with another. George Bernard Shaw was the reform of the English language in the United States and commented that the United States and the United Kingdom are a common language shared. Both advocated a rational alphabet. As the British appointed “Ongreji Hothao”, i.e.

“banish the country, billboards left in trains and stations of the independent India English.” Over a decade later the posters to read “learn English and earn more.” Now are we on these posters please visit “Improve alphabet and save English”, save it from babbles to Babel. English is considered to be the easiest all European languages, mainly due to its simplified grammar. Also, Bengali can be considered as the simplest of all Indian languages. In simplicity Bengali, no differentiation excels with usually no gender, no plural forms of nouns and adjectives, and there she he English or his / her. In these aspects of Bengali is very close Chinese. The Buddhist pilgrims and scholars China worked more than a Millennium in Nalanda and Tamralipti, two Bengali-speaking cities of ancient India.

Sanskrit roots and the Chinese Association Bengali made robust and clear. Cooperation and competition with Persian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Hindustani further strengthened. Then Bengali and English benefited the capital of British India deep and each other through 200 years of competition and concordance in and around Calcutta, expanded. Sanskrit-based excelled also because of their better alphabets Bengali and other Indian languages, scientifically arranged and sound perfected. Unlike the Latin alphabet is weaker, less complete and sound less well defined.

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