In terms of obesity surgeries, gastric plication is being positioned as the favourite by both patients and their doctors. This is because cuts are not made, it does not involve the placement of prostheses of any kind, staples are not needed, should not be adjusted soon, and besides all this, is a procedure that can easily be reversed. Since you don’t have staples or prosthesis placement, is a more economical procedure and the percentage of excess weight loss is 60 to 65%. According to a study published in Bariatrics Time magazine, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, carried out in May 2010, the loss of excess weight in 62 patients was performed which gastric plication, was approximately 60% of excess weight after one year of being subjected to the procedure. Another study of the Medical University of Theran, published in the magazine JLaparoendosc Adv Surg Tech a. in 2007, notes that the average excess weight loss was 61% a year has been carried out the surgery.

This percentage is very similar to the weight lost with other restrictive procedures. In the Colombian magazine of surgery, in 2008, there is a study that indicates that excess weight loss was from 69.6% in 100 patients post operated. In studies up to now made specialists point out that gastric plication is as effective as other proceedings to combat obesity, and recommend doing a follow-up of patients after 12 months the process has been carried out. Medical personnel of the clinic clinical Diabetes and Obesity Clinic specializing in bariatric surgery by laparoscopy and has participated in over 1200 surgeries for obesity, also offers a treatment and comprehensive management of overweight and obesity, with a team of specialists in the area.

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