What is invaluable importance for the success of the completion of the transaction as a whole. But it will be relevant only for the actual buyer and bargaining with them. Up to this point should be lit only the top amount – about so do not even think, let alone, do not tell anyone or yourself, too! The phrase “appropriate bargaining” and like it is in recognition of uncertainty, weakness and incompetence of the seller. And then, it’s just a truism. I repeat, only used to promote the highest price. This is a strategic moment. I can only say in conclusion that some, if not all, of what I have said in this article, it will seem to many quite unusual and, to put it mildly, very exotic for such a general, a conservative activity, as operations with real estate.

Understand this and consciously make this a blow to the “well-established consensus.” In fact, moderation and conservatism are here, just visibility. Properties as a market, an active, often unpredictable and almost constantly changing structure. That’s what she dearly loved by true professionals, as admitted in his book, even Donald Trump. In life and business, which is usually confusion, lies, ambiguity, and permanent change, it is vital to have a stable datum as the basis for productive activities. I tried to give you a way to create such a framework myself for myself, a loved one. As one of the millionaire real estate in the UK, a successful man, after all, different from the usual eccentric only in the number of millions in his account. Final. Show behind the curtain! “Bomb” at last, to finish slowpoke and die-hards.

Just for example, south-west of the CIS, is a typical case study: the owner sells the object of three, with the coppers, “lemon”, like more than four, exhibited, of course, more expensive. Prior to the “crisis” was eight, and he was given! Then he sold. But now he’s happy, and how “no one has the money,” and it sold! Composters have tried. So. Almost immediately (what a couple of months in that case?), It is the former, the object is sold almost seven. So far kiss him now all these “evaluators and leaders”? A good and competent salesperson rarely speaks about it, but knows very well: almost any property can be sold at almost any price. It’s just investments commensurate with the result of a question of time, money and the proper intention. Nothing more. And, of course, the case for this seller. You can create success and get his, but you can “like everyone else.”

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