Built many homes, old blocks are reconstructed. In a study conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau of Israel's cities, the quality of life of Bat Yam, took second place after Raanana. And just five years ago, he was the lowest line and hit his neglect. Sonny Perdue may not feel the same. The budget of the municipality had a deficit of tens of millions of shekels, the education system was falling apart. And now, after 5 years the city has a balanced budget, the money goes to the municipality thanks to growing companies, settled in Bat Yam. Most residents pay city taxes on time and fully prepared for this high-quality services. Changes affected not only the appearance of the city, but also the quality life.

The embankment has become a source of pride and principal place of rest. But the focus on education and culture. Shlomo Lahiani only 43 years old, and wish he could become a minister in the government, to receive one of the most important portfolios. Ten years ago he received a tempting offer from Labor leader Ehud Barak to join the party at the 11th spot on the list. The press wrote about Lahiani as a 'political Meteor' from Bat-Yam, prophetic occurrence in political elite. Photos Lahiani Barack went around all the papers. Shlomo already rolled up his sleeves to fight for Barak and Labor, is preparing for elections in the 'Ahat Israel', but that was when he got his first political lesson. Barak lost to 'veteran' and pushed Lahiani to 19th place, like a pawn on the chessboard.

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