How nice to see a person with unusual eye color. Imagine a cute blonde with perfect blue eyes. I think many men will not let her pass. A magical green, combined with expensive cosmetics, turn woman in a predatory cat. You may wish to learn more. If so, Japanese Engineers is the place to go. Who scratch? What do people suffering from a congenital defect – the absence of the iris? Any problems and eye whim decide to colored contact lenses.

Before you proceed to the selection, give something to myself will be clear. Recently translation software sought to clarify these questions. Colored lenses can be divided into three main categories: Cosmetic colored lenses. Completely change the natural eye color. If your brown eyes haunt of birth, and you dream about turquoise, then fit only cosmetic contact lenses colored linzy.Ottenochnye. They may use only the owners of light eyes. Tint lenses are able to smooth out any natural inaccuracies, give sight particular depth and . colored lenses. In everyday life, practically does not apply.

Decorative lenses – a favorite accessory of youth. None of fun get-together is complete without those who prefer red or dark vampire scleral lenses for the entire eye, a la the alien from the Hollywood thriller. While colored lenses are both in our cases, and "zero", most models are not designed for vision correction. You can choose lenses and disposable extended wear. Remember, color day lenses are very cheap and do not have a visual effect, as the lens extended wear. Try to use lenses decorative type as little as possible. According to many studies to wear colored lenses can lead to loss of sharpness or narrowing of the visual field. Colored lenses are contraindicated motorists, they should not be worn in pool and sauna. Contact lenses are more profitable to order online, so you can save up to 40% of the purchase price. Remember, before you wear colored lenses, be sure to inspect and consult your eye kontaktologa.

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