4.3 – Phase of Construction the goal of the construction phase is to clarify the remaining requirements and to conclude the development of the system on the basis of the architecture of baseline. The construction phase is of certain forms a manufacture process, where the emphasis is in the management of resources and control of operations to optimize costs, programmings and quality. In this direction, the mentality of the management it passes for a transistion of the development of the copyright during the initiation and elaboration, for the development of the products that can be implanted during the construction and transistion. It is in this phase where the use cases become operational. Through the architectural model they are gotten or developed each component of necessary software for the operational development of the use cases.

To become possible, the models of analyze and of project better they are developed, reflecting the version final of the increment, for then serving as auxiliadores in the construction. Having all these characteristics, will be implemented code-source that will become the functional cases of use. With elapsing of the implementation, they will be carried through test on these codes. In this phase, it has as goal to optimize costs, programmings and quality, from a good management of resources. 4.4 – Phase of Transistion Conceives the last stage of the phase of directed construction and the first one implantation. In this phase software is taken to the final user this to carry through tests in the same. They are created manual of software, information of ' ' help' ' for the user, etc.

To its end, closes a cycle of the incremental model, creating a version of software. 4.5 – Phase of Production Is coincident with the stage of implantation. In this phase the use of software is folloied, beyond being collected the reports of error, requests of modifications and contribution with the user during the use (in the first days of use).

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