With the interest to help to the propagation and the growth of the G12, keeping secrecy, the laypeople would be ' ' killing two rabbits with paulada s' ': divulging Opus I gave and not disclosing its ominous ' ' workmanship secreta' '. The external manifestations more divulged and spread out, favourite children of G12 of Opus I gave of Escriv, they had been and they are ' ' The cursilhos of the Cristandade' ' , especially the ones that ' ' trabalhavam' ' the couples, removed of its children and too much relatives and taken for places for them completely ignored. The familiar bond in addition implied the disruption of the tribal roots and the consequent comprometimento with the clergy engaged in Opus I gave, to who would have to devote unrestricted love, respect, obedience and submission. First cursilho, organized in its proper house, received the acronym or DyA password that, for not the initiates of the external world, would have to mean ' ' Direito and Arquitetura' ' , but, for the initiates, the cursilhistas, the meaning was: ' ' Deus and Audcia' '. Opus I gave, son of the G12, dominated the Spanish politics for many and tenebrous years, being, also, one of the hands politics of the dictator, Frank General. Of the Latin Europe Opus I gave it passed to Latin America, arriving in port itself in the most fragile e, therefore, catolicssima Colombia, where it found field fertile. It dominated all clergy and it penetrated deep in the lay world. Of the land of the bionarcticos it was spread for the too much countries South American, finding in Brazil the open arms of a romanismo cohabited with the politics, the native animismo, the superstitions lusitanas and the iconolatria of the African cults. In our native land, more than the romanismo that ours, by means of so ample, eclectic influential partnerships, Opus I gave, for its external tentculos, ' ' The Cursilhos of the Cristandade' ' , the G12 in operation, coed-opt for its air-tight fold ' ' melhor' ' of our society: the elite of the commerce, the industry, the politics and the intellectuality.

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