But the fact is that most of these news are perfunctory, only inform the reader about what, when and where appears (for example, some new mobile applications). Difficult to argue – such news, of course, necessary. But because often want not only to know which company wrote the software or the next game for the next new models from Nokia, but also to hear feedback about this program or event. Good news portals of the subject is, but, in Basically, they are all in English. Add to your understanding with billing degrees. Literate Russian translation offer a very rare our publications. When choosing a permanent source of news of any subject, let the mobile technology, or cars, an important advantage could make rss feeds, which can greatly simplify the display of news. It is also worth to note whether the publication of its "laboratory" where she can conduct testing of content, applications or hardware. Testing and research are always more practical information than a simple "theoretical" review "of the eye." If a publication publishes analytical studies, focuses on foreign developments in mobile world offers translations of articles from foreign language and an rss feed, and even a version for mobile devices, then this information resource you can trust.. .

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