American portal with research firm Harris Interactive surveyed 3061 professionals in the field of human resources and recruitment, to determine the most stupid "blunders" of applicants during interviews and telephone calls to potential employers. Here are the top ten of stupid: 1. The candidate responded to a call on a cell phone and asked the interviewer out of his own office, saying to him that "I have a personal conversation. " 2. The candidate told the interviewer that he can not long work in this place, because he soon expects to receive an inheritance, after the expected death of his uncle: ".. it just looks bad …." 3. The candidate asked the interviewer to drive him home after the interview. 4.

The candidate walked through the office to the room where the interview, and all the way publicly sniffed his armpits. 5. The candidate refused to submit samples of any of their written work, because "they were preparing for the SBU and is now classified …" 6. The candidate told the interviewer that he was fired for beating up his last leadership. 7.

When a candidate before the interview suggested that coffee and cake, he stated that "does not want to fill the stomach before drinking …" 8. The candidates, settling on an accountant, said she likes working with people than with numbers … 9. Candidate flushes the toilet while talking on telephone interviewer. 10. The candidates by going to the office to the interviewer sat down and immediately pulled from his bag a large comb and started combing his hair carefully …

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