After the World Cup, one of the most important awards in soccer, the Ballon d'Or (French) or Golden Ball, still waiting for its new owner. The French magazine France Football award has been given annually since 1956 to the player who has done the best job all year. Also known as the trophy for the Best Footballer of the Year, although not really necessary for a player to be of European nationality. This year we could not find a lot of indecision among connoisseurs of football, who deserves the trophy this year, especially because during the 2006 FIFA World Cup we saw the admirable work done by some of the best professional players, who fought splendidly by the Cup I personally, I have to admit I'd love to see the Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, receive the Ballon d'Or. He did an excellent job with the Azzurri in the World Cup in Germany … It only made two entries in the seven games with best teams in the world, is amazing! For this reason it has been compared to some of the best goalkeepers in European football history. As soon as the Cup Final, we were all aware that the Lev Yashin Award for the best goalkeeper in the 2006 World Cup, was the giant (1.91m) Gigi Buffon. The situation is as follows … if Buffon won the Golden Ball became the first player from the second division and the second goalie in history to receive this tribute. The first and only goalkeeper _hasta the momento_ that he won the Ballon d'Or was the Soviet soccer legend Lev Yashin.

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