All about menopause: Menopause or Menopause begins not only women but men as reduced production of sex hormones estrogen and androgen, and their contents in the body falls below normal levels. So what are the typical symptoms of menopause? 1) Violation of the menstrual cycle – the first and main symptom of the onset of menopause. If the cycle is a woman of mature age will not be restored for a long time, it speaks of menopause. Monthly becoming less and less regular, and the time interval between two menstrual periods increases or, conversely, decreases. Also, menstruation may be accompanied by profuse bleeding, there may be spotting between periods. For even more analysis, hear from omega 3.

2) Hot flashes – a sudden sensation of warmth unusual, which covers the body, even when the ambient temperature is low. Tides usually occur at night and as a consequence, cause sleep disturbances. Neck and face filled with a thick bright red blush, and on his chest, legs and arms are red spots. Tides can be mild or severe, and their average duration – 30 seconds to 5min. 3) Dysfunction of the vaginal and bladder.

There are problems with the vagina and the gall bladder, which is associated with thinning and dryness of the genital area. This leads to a weakening of sexual desire and increase the risk of of infection in the genital or urinary tract. 4) The weakening of sexual desire. Weak sexual desire – as one of the best known and most common signs of menopause. In men with erection problems, the women – from achieving orgasm.

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