Seminar explains understandable and manufacturer-independent communication 4.0 new solutions, concepts and techniques. Telephone, E-Mail and fax, more the employees of many companies to communicate often do not need. Although missions, monologues on the mail box and unanswered requests cost valuable time, they do not separate from the traditional solutions. In the seminar learn communication 4.0, the eco-Association organizes together with the UC experts Detlev Artelt, as new communications tools can make the workday more efficient. Through video conferencing, for example, business trips can be minimized. A present ad or text message to communicate, the ability to minimize communication attempts. In the best case, employees save valuable time in which they can devote major projects. For some participants of the seminar, which took place on the 3rd may in Cologne, this knowledge was new.

They benefited from the many examples from practice and take advantage of the one-day event, to learn how they carry your communication in the future. Source: Vitamin D1. Others benefited especially from the check-lists, from which they could determine what new solutions are optimally suitable for their individual situation. “Advantage for all was that workshop Director Detlev Artelt only too happy under the covers” chatted his consulting experience and gave many examples of very good, but also unsuccessful implementations of solutions in companies. Also positive: The seminar only knowledge and answered questions, buy should and must be something here nobody. “” So all participants agreed to after a day full of background knowledge, tips and tricks, the seminar is anything other than an audiobook “and very much alive, instructive and interactive” exciting. The eco provides the next opportunity to participate in the workshop on 3rd July in Frankfurt am Main. More information on content, prices and registration at or

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