The sea lions are concentrated in large numbers in isla de Lobos, practically otters have been confined to the hatcheries. The rivers abound dorados, catfish, tarariras, Pacu, cabezones, flounders. Its economy: stands out as agricultural and livestock since the Uruguayan territory is a vast natural prairie. Agricultural production ranks second in the national economy, with crops of wheat, corn, flax, oats, sunflower, rice, sugar cane. Its fruit richness is given by: grapes, peaches, oranges, pears, lemons, etc. In what has to do with the products of the sea these are: cod, chowder, walleye Pollock and roncador. Minerals are scarce, but sand, stone and Boulder in large quantities are exported.

The main industry is meat. Prepared foodstuffs and beverages; manufactures clothes, produces Electrotechnical materials, software, chemicals, fabrics and other items. The quality and the great amount of beaches along with its climate and beauties natural, they attract millions of tourists; of all the dumb giving life to spas such as Piriapolis, Punta del Este, Carrasco, Atlantida, Pocitos, and others. Its main ports are: Montevideo, Colonia, Maldondo, Punta del Este and the Dove. The arrival of the Spaniards several indigenous communities populating the Uruguayan territory.

At that time the number of individuals is calculated that it not surpassed 4000. The main group was the Charruas. The main work of the tribe was performed by women. They not practiced any kind of agriculture; they lived of hunting and fishing (were not cannibals). It is believed that they were originally from Patagonia. They were enparentados with the light, the Charrua and Bohanes Minuane; whose territory they had in common. Recidian there also the Arachanes and the Charrua. In 1832 the President Fructuoso Rivera carried out the extermination of the charruas. At the time that reduced the indigenous population, grew the European immigration. Currently the population of the Uruguay in its most is from Spanish and Italian; and on a smaller scale of other European origins. Folklore: the tango: the Cumparcita catalogued worldwide as the hymn of the tangos, created by Matos Rodriguez (Uruguayan); candombe, dance inherited from black slaves; whose instrument is the borocoto, basic percussion instrument; species of elongated tamboril. Another dance is the pericon. Here you will find quality items checked for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, languages, health, painting and more.

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