There are a few home remedies to remove stretch marks. They are very you provide make, and they have the advantages of being natural and cheaper. We must try to attack the flutes, as soon as we start them to notice, because it is easier to delete them. The first thing is important to keep the skin hydrated to prevent stretch marks. Moisturize our skin, preferably every day. Recipe ingredients 1 medium lemon application apply extra virgin olive oil lemon drops in all parts of the body where stretch marks, be well spread the lemon.

A massage is made for 5 or 10 minutes in areas where stretch marks. Lemon regenerates the skin. Then apply a little bit of olive oil in the areas of the body with stretch marks. And massaging another 5 or 10 minutes. Do it at night, preferably every day. It is better to do it at night, since lemon stain the skin, because it bleaches the skin and can leave white spots if it gives the Sun.

So the next morning, there to bathe and remove the product well. With this treatment diminish stretch marks, but we must be consistent, since all natural treatments require perseverance. Also prevents future stretch marks lemon has lots of vitamin C, is regenerating the skin and has AHA (alpha acid hydrogen).Therefore, it is very good for stretch marks. Recipe 2 ingredients cream for stretch marks. Oil vitamin olive oil lemon preparation and implementation take a teaspoon of the stretch mark cream and put it in a container. Add a teaspoon of oil in vitamin and also add a teaspoon of olive oil. Finally add 3 drops of lemon and stir everything. Spread this mix in the areas of the body where leave stretch marks. Olive oil is a cell phone repairman, helps to regenerate skin and in conjunction with the lemon makes the skin more uniform. They are antioxidants, and regenerate the skin. This treatment is very good to reduce stretch marks and prevent them for pregnancies. It works very well. Recipe 3 this remedy goes very well for pregnant women, to help that the skin does not lose its moisture, elastin and collagen. Ingredients Glycerin n oil of vitamin a. paper film transparent preparation and application to do 3 tablespoons of vitamin a one of Glycerin. Apply where stretch marks are appearing or in areas that are noticed very parched. Massage well and wrap those parties with paper film transparent. This leaves two hours, and this makes the humidity and heat, oils will be better absorbed by the skin and will moisturize very well. Every night can be.And you don’t have to clean the skin of this oil when you remove paper film. Original author and source of the article

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