Existing external links in WordPress themes check the own page was implemented with WordPress, but a suitable WordPress theme has not been installed yet. So the search is on for a suitable design. The number of providers is very large. There are also quite a few free designs to download available. These are also very appealing and are supplied with many features.

However, the operator not to much about free offers in the themes section should rejoice. It applies to each theme scrutinized and also search engines experience reports to the theme to search for. A major problem with many free WordPress themes are free WordPress themes with external links the external links in the footer. The included terms and conditions and in the footer file is pointed out that these links should not be removed. Are they manually removed from the footer, it may lead to that the design doesn’t work anymore. Be with a little knowledge is indeed rectified, but legally it could to Come problems. This external duty links”have yet a second major problem. In search engine optimization is the term bad neighbourhood”used.

This comes from the guidelines of Google. Behind it hide sites that have been classified by Google not just as serious. “Now in a theme that will be linked and this theme in one’s own side is used, also the own page could soon in the category bad neighbourhood” be inserted. This would be rather counter-productive for the success. Malicious code in WordPress themes these external links are only a problem of free themes. There is still a second option which could be an even greater harm. The speech is of malicious code within the themes. Often it’s very difficult to discover and often, when it is too late. This type is classified but rather not so widespread and therefore also rather an isolated case. Conclusion: Free themes are practical and well, yet some money should be invested every now and again rather. The reasons This should be clear now. After all, may bad neighbourhoods”and malicious code will not be played down.

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