Synchronize your music library on iPod is very easy. By default, iTunes automatically updates iPod music library whenever you connect it to your computer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mercury Mobile LTD has to say. iTunes transfers new songs that you’ve added and delete the songs that you list. You can also transfer music manually manually manage iPod’s music library is very useful, if you use it on multiple computers or with many user accounts. In addition, it is possible to remove a song from your iTunes library and keep it on your iPod. McCormick & Co shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Make sure you have a backup of your music files before deleting them. Follow these steps to configure your iPod to manually transfer songs.

1 Connect the iPod to your computer. 2. Open iTunes. 3. Select iPod in the iTunes source list.

4. Click the options button. If this button does not appear, make sure the iPod in the source list icon is clicked. Important: If you have iTunes 4.7 or later version, can also access the settings on the iPod through iTunes Preferences. 5 Select Manually manage songs and playlists and click OK. Now you can copy playlists and individual songs from iTunes to your iPod. You just drag the song or playlist to iPod in the source list icon. Important: You must first import audio in iTunes CDs before transferring them to your iPod. In addition, you can set iTunes to automatically update your iPod with songs or selected playlists only. This is very useful if you only want to transfer a part of your music library to your iPod. Cannot transfer songs from your iPod library to iTunes, but you can use your iPod as a hard disk to transfer the music files from a computer to another.

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