It would not have the comparisons of the facts and everything would be equal or of lesser value. It would not have the hunger for overcoming and nor would have the disputes. The dictated ones passed by generations are magined there in this context, of the wisdom, drawing themselves personalities and forging themselves ahead of the difficulties of the choices what it is certain what is missed. Demystifying a modern conscience of that it stops being fortunate in some thing nowadays, it is disdained it ties the honesty and it can be transferred over ethical and moral rules on behalf of the persistence of if being successful, in having victory all the cost. Bargain everything in function of the victory and the wealth, losing itself then the true aggregate value to the conquest and victory feeling. The ego in detriment of the virtue is valued, becoming in empty beings and dull the ones that they thus search to fill its lives with these victories irrationals and villains. As already it said old dictated a popular one; ' ' They conquer the gold of tolo' ' , and if they justify in empty and inconsequential victories. The subjectivity of the reason is here for it counts of this, of when the value of the victory it can really be seen and be applauded as ' ' vitria' '.

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