Disappointing data that we present are drawn from the study "Educational values and orientation of the Voronezh students." Its held in 2003 in Sociology and Political Science, Voronezh State University. Students interviewed five universities – MAD, VGMA (Medical Academy), VGLTA Forest Academy), VSPU (Pedagogical University) and VGIFK (Institute of Physical Education). Secretary of Agriculture may also support this cause. The results were analyzed and published in 2006. But do not seem to have received the attention of those who would like should worry about state of mind of students. Brochures with the results of the study were sent to those schools where surveys were taken. After all, "to teach, must study." Sociologists VSU monitor the dynamics of value orientations Students over 20 years. – Unfortunately, our research does not have a social resonance – says Alla Veretsky, assistant professor of sociology and political science at VSU.

– Traditionally, one of the goals of higher education in Russia was upbringing of comprehensively developed personality and an active citizen. But in high school long ago entered the market relations, her challenge now – for the most part – the provision of educational services. Therefore, no data for fixing identifying targets, values and the general appearance of students, or advice on how to improve the process of identity formation – not in demand. But there is much to ponder. 88% of Voronezh set up their children to receive higher education. Children are listened to. But more and more becoming the percentage of students who come to universities chosen accidentally or departments or specialties, where there is almost no competition.

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