All this means that the professional requirements to be met at a level that corresponds to system, and mandatory standards. However, this idea is currently the only desirable goal and, unfortunately, is in practice not at all sites. Technical Requirements Technical requirements imposed on the cladding: the mechanical requirements (bearing capacity, toughness and wear resistance, resilience, ensuring safe passage for him and so forth), heat-engineering requirements (and heat frost, heat-conductive and heat-absorption capacity, etc.), acoustic requirements (sound absorption and noise of steps that produces a stream of air), hydraulic requirements (waterproofing ability, the ability to keep evaporation, etc.), lighting requirements (light resistance, the ability to absorb sunlight, etc.), chemical resistance, requirements related to electricity (no electrical conductivity, inability to accumulate electrostatic) sanitarnogigienicheskie requirements (the ability to clean and disinfect) the security requirements (lining must not be slippery), radiological requirements (no radioactivity, and resistance to radio emission) requirements related to the strength and durability (corrosion stop bone, resistance to aging); aesthetic requirements (uniform color, color, etc.); fire requirements.

Among the requirements for the liner, permanently increases the value of the resistance to chemicals, which is partly due to the development of chemical industry, partly common increasing number of chemicals (eg, the value of disinfection). Gain insight and clarity with Birks. Increasing emphasis on compliance and occupational health, safety (elimination of the slip), and pozharotehnicheskih thermal, acoustic, electrical and radiological requirements. Unfortunately, it is not possible to classify requirements for liner requirements for units and surfaces, as technologies used even in some areas are very different from each other, in addition, as a result of rapid changes in technological processes are born more and more new requirements as to the various coatings, and any other materials and technology publications, including the production of PVC windows. Systematization of the requirements of a general nature often does not provide practical assistance to any designer or artist work. However, thoroughly acquainted with the technology to be applied to each new or renewal subject to the site, the investor will be able to identify and make available information about the designer actual load, which will be subjected to one or another coating, and then the project will be up in accordance with the regulations.

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