Apparently, an Austrian University researchers would have found a medical remedy for curing the mal de amores. Global Medical Billing wanted to know more. An emotional mood that really, in some moments can become a true disease by the effects it produces: sometimes, one facing the heartbreak loses a sense in your life, feel such tiredness and apathy that has difficulty getting out of bed and take the daily routine. In addition, willpower is limited to the minimum so that emotion becomes an enveloping bubble that prevents the affected look beyond the sadness. A sadness that produces an extreme weight is so much so, one who feels listless cannot enjoy friendship or activities that soon made him feel good. It does not mean that each rupture is alive in this way but it is truth that a person may have felt at least on one occasion in life, as well as consequence of a loving disappointment. Influence many other aspects: for example, the level of self-esteem, the age of the protagonist, the level of emotional maturity, the degree of idealization that had the other, the quality of personal relationships one pill medical to remedy the evil of love would be highly desired by all those bouncing of the couple but if true, perhaps, researchers should also perform any finding relating to a medicinal product to produce the opposite effect in humansi.e., eternal love and stability to the couple.

But it is clear that this objective is more difficult since it’s combining two wills. I doubt very much that although this pill to remedy some effects of which produces the heartbreak can really relieve 100 percent the discomfort he feels a person before abandonment, rejection or failure of a relationship that could not be. The real pain of the heartbreak arises from the death of a partner. At that moment, the grieving process is long and expensive as the writer C.S perfectly shows Lewis in an excellent book that I recommend to all those who have lost the couple: A penalty in observation. A human book in which the author describes and analyzes its own process of self-improvement by finding a reason to live with the loss of his wife. The human being is much more biology why equal that it is not possible to discover the elixir of eternal life is also not possible medically a pill can prevent lack of sense that experiences a person to lose to another. Overcoming a heartbreak is the responsibility of one’s self and beyond pain also implies a huge vital learning in order to happiness as a couple or in solitude. What do you think of this topic? Go ahead and share your opinion with the readers of the blog of Mobifriends.

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