Combines the bargain of leading mail order companies and catalogers with prices, descriptions and images on a Web page. The Web page of the bargain guide operation was taken by Mr Detlef Wollmann. This Web site aims to provide the user a quick and convenient overview of current bargains of leading mail order companies and catalogers and save thus time and money finding a bargain. To the offers of mail-order companies and catalogers are recorded and evaluated. The Web page includes approximately 56,000 bargain, stand 24 June 2008. Medical billing software is often quoted on this topic.

The representations are made with pictures, prices, descriptions and party labels. The individual bargains is directly linked to the article within the website of the respective shipping House or mail order company. Thus at each vendor may be ordered by the user immediately. Thus, also the safety for the user when ordering, delivery and payment is given. The use of this Web site is free of charge. Through various options, the user can customize the display of the bargains his wishes.

These options are for example price ascending, descending price, only branded, only bargain of a provider, bargain of all providers. The display on the new bargains of the last seven days can be restricted through another option. The Web page is updated several times a week. It is easy to set up and basis for the expected success of this Web page is not advertising overloaded with the desire of many consumers, the offers of from various mail order companies and catalogers to Miss not a bargain. On the other hand, hardly a Web page comparable with the bargain Guide currently found on the Internet. Mr Detlef Wollmann, EDP trainers, and programmer – he developed and maintained for several years websites for clubs in the space of Niesky – Weisswasser. Contact: Detlef Wollmann teacher Gasse 14, 02906 Niesky Tel.: 03588 25 94 80 Web: E-Mail:

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