Portrait retouching as in the stars – portrait professional version 8 portrait professional flatters every face: it is the first intelligent retouching software for portrait shots, which knows the human ideal of beauty. The users benefit by he creates a professional portrait retouching in no time – without deeper knowledge and skills in image processing. Portrait professional optimized portrait shot for many occasions: as application photo, a personal gift, as a reminder to family reunions, for your own website or in the profile of the Internet community. Raymond James can aid you in your search for knowledge. While celebrities and stars always look perfect in the magazines are unfortunately not always to meet the own standards. It annoys the sunburn on the vacation pictures, the stress-related impurities, for example in the wedding photo, or the strong specular highlights on the forehead. Who have time and money for a professional photo shoot? Here the alternative portrait professional: no matter whether it is a glamorous retouching or only subtle Improvements, with portrait professional, digital post processing of faces is at home playing easy and done in just a few moments. \”That’s behind it: there are various properties, generally considered to be beautiful\” are perceived. That includes a healthy complexion, certain proportions in the face, symmetry, as well as relatively big, alert eyes.

Countless portraits example underlie the correction algorithms of the software by which the program has been trained, feel beautiful. The software checks the face to be processed on these features and then propose appropriate editing. This different for male and female faces adjustments. With just a few clicks of the mouse is operated through the wizard-based mark of important points in the face of the model. If necessary, a subsequent fine adjustment slider is done. The ability to make all necessary changes according to personal taste, makes portrait professional to the Assistant in many shots that would otherwise unloved forgotten or deleted immediately on the computer.

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