Frames alternately welded and aligned to the axes and the horizontal. At the intersections and junctions frames additionally held together by welding using the corners. Particular care is sealed fixture at the corner joints of the walls. Embedded threaded anchors are cut from galvanized studs M20. At intervals pins removed start connection chamfer for a smooth crackdown.

Screw anchors are fixed by welding to the reinforcing cage. All reinforcement cages are made, are interconnected and carefully aligned. Circular saw with carbide discs in aerated concrete blocks are made guides incisions on both sides. Then use the electric saw, alligator, linen which is exactly in the tracks of the kerf circular saw. Thus, one To make full block, we obtain several narrow ‘boards’. Receiving ‘planks’ from both sides obkladyvayut stacked on the walls of reinforcement cages, receiving a kind of trough. fixed timbering for the supporting columns in the basement made at the site of the scraps of aerated concrete.

Glue one box, fix the clamp and filled with concrete. A number of the next regular glued boxes. The column is growing rapidly, at the same time solve the waste issue waste gas concrete. To produce a support intermediate wall in the basement of a base plate for marking drill holes for laying reinforcement. In the prepared hole na considerable depth clogged vertical reinforcing bars, which tied the horizontal reinforcement. Special hook ratchet tie rebar is very easy and fast to cope with it even a child.

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